Goyen Manifold Valves

Goyen Manifold Valves


Very high performance diaphragm valve designed to be mounted directly into the compressed air manifold. 1 ̋ and 1.5 ̋ models are supplied with outlet pipes to length specified; 3 ̋ and 3.5 ̋ models are supplied without outlet pipes.


  • Body and Dresser Nuts: Aluminium (diecast)
  • Ferrule: 305 SS
  • Armature: 430FR SS
  • Diaphragm and seals: Nitrile or Viton
  • Spring: 304 SS
  • Screws: 302 or 304 SS
  • Outlet pipe: Schedule 40 wrought steel zinc passivated
  • Diaphragm Seat: PA-66 (25 & 40MM standard), Nitrile-coated mild steel (76MM standard), Acetal (102MM standard) or Viton- coated mild steel

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